5 Simple Ways to Show Appreciation

The term appreciation means “to recognize and enjoy” a person’s value or good qualities. It extends further than simply saying thank-you, but to respect and have an understanding for that person’s efforts.  Here are five simple ways to show your appreciation beyond saying thank-you:

  1. Acknowledge that someone publicly at a company meeting, personal event, or through social media.
  2. Give the special someone something that has meant a lot to you and let them know the story behind that token in your life.
  3. Offer to help them with the expertise you are most known for in return.
  4. Arrange to spend exclusive time with them in an activity you both will enjoy.
  5. Let the person know that you appreciate their time by offering up a time saving service gift from having their space cleaned to their vehicle by calling Eco Master Cleaning so that they enjoy some time off.



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