Reducing Allergies in the Workplace

Are your allergies worse at work than anywhere else? Allergies are among the top three reasons people miss work, and can have a significant effect on productivity. It is important for businesses to take action to reduce the overall exposure to allergens and other irritants.

  • Mountain Cedar pollen season extends from December to February, and is unique to Central Texas. Cedar pollen counts in Central Texas are the highest pollen counts of any plant anywhere in the world. Keep window and doors closed as much as possible to reduce allergens and check ventilation.
  • Dust mites are often passively carried from home to the workplace. Carpets, upholstered furniture and even cubicle walls may harbor dust mites. Frequent carpet cleaning and dusting of a work area can help reduce dust mites.
  • Even pet-free workspaces may have cat and dog hair carried from homes on clothing that becomes part of the indoor environment. Reduce animal allergens by using hair removal rollers at the office.
  • Use a professional service to make sure all work areas are being cleaned on a regular basis.

Reducing allergies